Practical Stuff

AccommodationCamp Site
Living conditions are simple: All pilgrims will be camping (own tent and equipment required) Other arrangements can be made for people with disabilities or other special needs. You will also need to bring a sleeping bag and roll mat. There are wash blocks with showers within the campsite.

The food is simple but wholesome. There is a vegetarian option at all meals. If someone needs a medical diet this can normally be catered for. (Please let us know in advance)

In the summer it can be very hot. Bring suitable clothes, t-shirts, shorts etc (but not beachwear) You will also need some warm clothes, it gets chilly at night. Also be prepared for rain!

As well as the scheduled meeting times, there are lots of opportunities to spend time together. There will be a number of times during the week when we join together as a diocesan group. Oyak, a non-profit store and café sells snacks, drinks and every day necessities. The evenings at Oyak give everyone the chance to get to know people from all over the world.

The cost of the pilgrimage is £220 per person (this does not include travel insurance).

More more information on the Taize community:

If you have any questions or queries about the Westminster Pilgrimage then please contact: David Burke or 020 7798 9357


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